CHERYL SMITH, RIP - "Cheryl's Hair 1968" Age Eleven [Click for Full Size. F11 Function Key for Full Screen]

June 6, 1957- October 25, 2002.  Cheryl was a Screen Actors Guild member whose passing went unnoticed.  No obituary or death notice was published.  SAG members merit  better;  Cheryl earned much better.  Rainbeaux Smith, cult film legend, queen of B-movies, blonde bombshell, 1970s sex goddess, Cheerleaders' star, and iconoclastic Cinderella's passing wasn't reported in her hometown of Hollywood, CA.


CHERYL "RAINBEAUX" SMITH: THE LIFE, TIMES, DEATH AND LETTERS OF A DRIVE-IN DIVA... by Chris Barbour (May 2005)  Restored on June 6th 2009

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New Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) Rainbeaux Smith was perfectly cast as Veronica Lake.  in